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We with the new we's prosperity and rapid development to witness their own diligence, passion, wisdom and loyalty. wepeople to strive for excellence, mengjin such as the tide of professionalism and integrity, justice, truth-seeking, innovative business philosophy to create a life and social wealth.
yesterday will be replaced today, today will be beyond tomorrow. In today's elite generation, the survival of the fittest era, only adhere to the times, the pursuit of excellence is the survival of the road, the foundation. The high quality staff is the we biggest wealth, the quality first, the user is supreme, the good faith management, the quality service is the essence of the we Enterprise culture, also is the enterprise to do the strong and bigger inexhaustible power.

Enterprise Purpose
People-oriented, honest and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, return to society.

Enterprise Vision
Build China's largest motor production base,

Enterprise Mission
industry to create value services to serve the community to contribute to mankind

Business philosophy
Customer is God
people-oriented solidarity
sincere cooperation Strive for excellence in the multilateral win-won

Business Policy
Fair and just open
safe convenient and efficient
integrity standard
Implementation of enterprise brand strategy
Enterprise and staff grow together
cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises
Resource Optimization configuration, develop economies of scale
create learning organization, improve Enterprise's adaptability
collaborate with partners to create new values and markets
build trust relationships with customers and achieve maximum customer benefit objectives
Realize the value of enterprise and employee in dedication
in improving operating efficiency, promoting enterprise development at the same time, the return of society

Enterprise Spirit
Innovation and dedication to the pursuit of excellence

Enterprise Ethics
Always maintain a sense of responsibility to the community.
comply with national laws and regulations and social Ethics code
for shareholders, employees, customers and society to create benefits
respect for human rights and the environment, and strive to achieve the harmonious development of enterprises and society
in the science, love, dedication, dedication, honesty and trustworthiness, stable operation of the

Enterprise Style
tomorrow's thing to do today to keep the business flexible
thank society and customers, solve the customer's problem quickly, work with the customer to realize the Dream

Employee motto
Create a brand, step is a step, every day is the starting point
quality service, in the small place listen to Thunder
has a customer's success, Just our success.
with the success of the employees, only the success of the enterprise
interpersonal harmony, organization and discipline, learning work institutionalized, the modernization of product production

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